My blog seems to have taken a sporadic timetable, which I believe is common, if not helpful. It’s a mixture of when I have something worthwhile to talk about and the time to write it. The former is definitely true, and the latter is partially true, as always. 

I’m feeling like this year is offering some rewards for all the work I’ve been putting in.
I started volunteering with Writers Victoria
I was asked to contribute to a reading circle as part of Midsummer
I re-wrote my YA manuscript, pitched it and submitted it (!!!)
I became the #LoveOzYA committee Chair which is epic and wonderful
I’ve joined a Writers group which just happened to be EXACTLY everything I could have hoped for (in my suburb, writers at a similar stage, writing mainly Children’s and YA) (!!!)
I had a short story published in Aurealis (!!!) and people are saying very nice things to me in response to it
And my #AusQueerYA tumblr has been seen by some people as a helpful resource and it’s in the works of becoming something even better still (news to come).
On top of all of that, and the main reason for blogging today, I’ve been asked to chair a panel at the Emerging Writers Festival as part of their YA Masterclass. The whole day looks brilliant and I’m totally going to go along to all the other sessions I can, but I’m excited to be thought of for this type of thing. 
You should definitely come along and see me master my public speaking nerves! If I nail it, or screw it up, either way, it’ll be spectacular!
If not for me, though, you should go for the amazing line up they’ve got. Not just on the YA Masterclass, but the whole festival. Check it out!
I’ve got some similar news for later in the year which I’ll be sure to blog about down the line. 
I’m starting to feel as if I really am one of those ‘Emerging Writers’ even if I’ve not got a book deal yet. I’m on my way. 

Now, my life is all about time management. Ever get that feeling? It can be good.

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Wonderful news. It just keep getting better. And now with my boring systems analyst hat on- check out Trello for time management. Free and on-line. It works. Easy and looks good too! My whole life runs on Trello?

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