Do you love Young Adult books?

Do you love brunch?

Do you live in or around Melbourne?

YA’ll For Brunch? is a book club that’s easy like a Sunday morning. Literally. On the Third Sunday of the month, let’s meet for Brunch and Book-talk!

On The Agenda:

  • Talk about what YA books you’ve been reading.
  • A bit of brunch.
  • Talk about what YA books you’re excited to read.
  • A bit more brunch. Perhaps a coffee or a hot chocolate.
  • Lend a book you’ve just read to another bookclubber so that the following month they can talk about it with you and lend it to someone else. Get those books circulating!
  • Maybe one more croissant.
  • Oh, some more talking about YA books.

The third Sunday of the month

We’ll meet at 11:00am via Zoom until it’s safer to meet in public. There’s a Facebook Page to help facilitate communication.

For specific meet ups, check out my Events Page